Call Center Services

     Our parent organisation VISION specialises in Call Center services. Diversified experience enables us to customize our services to fit your specific business needs.

     Our programs emphasize quality, service, and a focus on highly effective sales presentations while creating ample opportunity for you to enjoy long-term customer relationships from every phone call.


Inbound Services

     Customer loyalty to your company depends on their experience every time they interact with the call center. We take the extra step to make sure your customer feels valued. Our inbound call centers consist of highly trained and professional representatives who know best way to answer to your customers.

     Experience tells us that when customers feel like they've been heard, they're more open to making additional purchase. To multiply gain, Vision can up-sell and cross-sell products and services once the customer's question or issue has been resolved to satisfaction

     Inbound Teleservices include:

      Inbound Call Center
      Customer Service Projects
      Order Taking and Processing
      Help Desk Applications
      Promotional and Advertising Response
      Customer care service and support
      Full account management
      Customer data capture/surveys
      Customer complaint resolution
     Give us a call to find out how we can help streamline your Customer Interaction processes.

Outbound Services

     We have Professionals who provide excellent service in even the most demanding situations. Vision's clients have yielded improved customer satisfaction, enhanced brand images, more efficient operations and longer-term relationships with their customers.


      Outbound Teleservices include:

      Outbound Call Center
      Lead Generation and Qualification
      Sales Advancement Programs
      Customer Relationship Programs
      Telemarketing & Telesales
      Market Research Data Acquisition
     Give us a call to find out how we can help streamline your Customer Interaction processes.

Other Services

   Other services offered are:

      Customer Services
      1-600 Inbound Services (Free Phone Services)
      Direct Mail Follow Up
      Lead Generation & Appointment Setting
      Lead Qualification
      Database Services
   Database Enhancement
   Database updating
      Customer Satisfaction Measurement