Capability & Products

       Customer Interaction Solutions and Customer relationship management are products that define the entire business process. Successful solutions require a balance of technology, process and people focused initiatives.

       eCIMsolutions offer solutions for businesses of any size, which include comprehensive software and hardware along with implementation and customization services. The eCIMsolutions expertise along with eCIMsolutions' complete voice, data service and network integration project planning and management is the answer to all of your contact center needs.

       eCIMsolutions provides process solutions cross various verticals, from Utilities to Consumer Goods and from Automobile industry to Media.

Solutions that Brings your Customer closer to you

eCIMsolutions enables corporates to develop and deepen customer relationships by achieving a single, complete and accurate view of their customers.

       eCIMsolutions enables companies to maximise their most valuable asset - the customer data. By transforming data into actionable knowledge, eCIMsolutions helps businesses capitalise on opportunities for making better corporate decisions. eCIMsolutions solutions and services can:

Recognise your customers.
Achieve a comprehensive, single view of the customer across the organisation.
Streamline customer communication at every point of contact: email, telephone, fax and more.
Make smarter, strategic decisions faster.
Manage and Increase marketing productivity.
Align Customers with corporate strategy Deepen customer relationships.

         CIM Integra

       CIM Integra is easy to use, understand and afford. CIM Integra operates on a Windows NT platform, has an open and flexible architecture, along with extensive reporting capabilities for call center management.

       CIM Integra

       CIM Integra supports from one to forty agents with sophisticated, feature rich customer contact management on an affordable Windows NTŪ platform.

       A sophisticated contact management technology that incorporates mixed media - phone, e-mail, web, fax, and the Internet. Ability to handle transactions and databases is also critical.

       CIM Integra was designed for flexibility. It can be implemented as: an independent customer contact management system serving specialized applications of multiple workgroups within an organization; or an solution for dispersed applications on-site or off-site.

       Reporting Capabilities

       The extensive reporting - enabling you to efficiently manage your contacts and business by accurately managing trends & patterns of call center operations.

       With CIM Integra, you can set up and operate a customer contact center without investing in highly specialized infrastructure, staff and training. And, because the software platform is based on open standards, it can integrate seamlessly now, and in the future.