Consulting Overview

    ECIMsolutions is a part of Vision Group of Contact Center Services.

    eCIMsolutions has developed extensive expertise in call center development and management. We leverage the best practices we've developed for call centers by offering consulting services to clients who operate their own call centers. We consult on both new call centers and the improvement of existing centers.

    eCIMsolutions call center consulting services include:
     Site selection
     Facility launch
     Program planning and implementation
     Technical specifications
     Continuous training and development
     Superior Quality Assurance

     eCIMsolutions also assists in planning and implementation, including coordination of organizational initiatives; human resources and training plan design, process re-engineering, technology specification, vendor selection and oversight, and facility design.

     eCIMsolutions Consultative Services can help you make the most of the time you spend interacting with customers.

     If you are developing a call center currently or you are in the initial research phase, contact us to learn how eCIMsolutions will help you pilot the world of call centers and complete customer satisfaction!

Technical Consulting

     While building your own call center, companies’ faces many technical issues that software and hardware vendors often fail to share with you. From selecting the right equipment to choosing the optimal software, we will guide your company through the process of establishing an world class call center solution.

     By providing the technical expertise that is only gained by experience. We would help you finalize the right hardware and software costs involved in creating your own call center. We would guide you through the sea of hardware and software associated with call center setup.

     Our consultative services include:

     Contact center infrastructure development

      eCIMsolutions consultants design and deploy flexible and manageable contact center infrastructure to meet your company’s unique requirements.

     Development and documentation of policies and procedures

     eCIMsolutions experienced professionals help develop a range of materials from your company’s customer service protocols, procedures, to training on internal operational procedures.

     Technology design and maintenance

     We help design contact center technology that integrates with your company’s tools.

Human Resources Consulting

     At eCIMsolutions, we have developed training, promotions and incentive programs for customer service-related employees. We have experience in designing training materials utilizing new solutions including Web-based training and other interfaces.

     eCIMsolutions will become an integral part in selecting the right type of employee to hire, ways to improve the service levels, and careers till the call center management positions.

Marketing Consulting

   eCIMsolutions provides solutions from database creating to e-mail management, managing advertising campaigns, and designing the optimal tracking services to maximize your ad monies.

   By integrating call center technology with Customer Interaction Management applications.

Web Consulting

   Our web design practices to develop a clear strategy for your website to guide on hosting the site, we provide solution for all of your website strategy.

   A comprehensive plan to achieve the goals your organization seeks to accomplish. We ensure that your website has the look and feel of your corporate culture and provides the sales information to your target audience.