Company Overview
     eCIMsolutions Call Center Services is a leading provider of Customer Interaction Management Solutions and for multimedia call center/contact center integration services, from solutions for corporate Contact Center Management Solutions to sites with 100 agents.

     Through professional design and integration services, systems, software and post-implementation support, eCIMsolutions makes the integration of disparate call center systems cost-effective and timely.

     The solutions offered by eCIMsolutions Call Center Services help customer call centers achieve higher service levels, reduced costs and increased revenues through innovative solutions.

     Building on over 45 years of combined experience of the team in call center operations, eCIMsolutions was formed as an branch of VISION in 1999 to handle the most complex call center solutions and software needs of corporate. We strive to be the leader of customer interaction and relationship management solutions.

     The aim is to be consistent and performance driven.

     The solutions that eCIMsolutions provides are designed to support Professional practices key functions namely Customer Knowledge Management and Customer Interaction Management 360.